About Us




BADASS HELMET specializes in original, never before helmet designs and

 3-Dimensional Artistry on helmets. We are the only custom hand fabricators in the helmet industry.


OUR MISSION:  To offer customers the BEST most unique helmets and more 

importantly, the most comfortable helmet ever made for any sport or activity where a helmet should be worn. Other companies are trying to sell helmets...We’re Selling ATTITUDE! 


PRODUCT OVERVIEW: BADASS Helmet(s) are the only original 3D concept helmets in the world with REAL custom 3D "FX". This original concept was created and developed by BADASS Imagineer Marix Stone in 1993 and issued a U.S. Utility Patent in 2000... U.S. Patent No. 6,101,636. 


CUSTOM "ONE OF A KINDS":  All of the custom ”Made To Order” (MTO) BADASS HELMETs shown on this website are custom HANDCRAFTED one at a time. NO two are exactly the same, each and every BADASS HELMET is truly an original. 



Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in January 2010, Season Two, Episode 1, Marix Stone along with CEO Dr. Nancy Tanchel made a deal on TV with Shark Investor Daymond Johns for $500K.  Later they walked from the deal after the filming when they found Johns wanted to make our helmet line in China.  


People often ask Stone why he walked on such a great deal.

Stone replied: “It wasn’t a great deal at all. China only cares about volume, they couldn’t care less about quality.  I’ve been to China prior to being on the show and knew they weren’t capable of making my helmet designs to my specifications and the quality I required. They’ve been cranking out junk for years, everyone has seen the crap they produce. Handing my designs over to them would have killed my brand for sure. What’s so great about that?”  



Before the popular TV series actually aired, actor Ryan “Opie” Hurst became an actual customer of our unique helmets. One thing led to another and fellow actor Theo “Juice” Rossi also became a fan and customer of our helmets. Due to Theo’s experience with other helmet brands he was using during the filming of the TV series, he personally told me his signature “lightning bolt” head tattoos would come off when he’d remove these helmets, then he’d end up back in make up due to this.


He suggested to the show’s costume designer to try and get our helmets instead, due to the comfort level being so unbelievable and unlike any other helmet in the industry. Juice was the only S.O.A character that used our helmets on this very popular TV show. Our many, many thanks go out to Ryan and Theo.  -  Marix Stone